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My Background

Throughout my career as a psychotherapist, I have always strived to deepen my understanding of people and extend my skills in helping them. I have actively engaged in clinical psychology research, acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the most scientifically supported therapeutic approaches, and gained extensive clinical experience.

Education (UCL, Belgium) 

  • BA in Psychology.

  • MA in Psychology.

  • Postgraduate Master in Psychotherapy.

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Psychological Assessment and Intervention.

  • PhD in Psychology.

Clinical Experience

  • Consultations Psychologiques Spécialisées - Thérapie des Émotions, UCL.

  • Hôpital Le Domaine, Unité des Pathologies liées au Stress. 

  • Centre de Rééducation à l’Enfance, Bruxelles.

  • Private Practive, Tel Aviv and Ra'anana.

Research Experience

  • PhD in Psychology, UCL, Belgium.

  • Postdoctoral Fellowships, Bar Ilan University and Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.


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Professional Affiliation

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